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Based in Cardiff and initially founded in 2005 by Chinese higher education professionals and academic youth in the UK, CUBEL has been committed to provide liaison services in sectors of training and education to both UK and Chinese organizations. Collaborating with our colleagues in Beijing, Shanghai, and other areas in China, we specialize in coordinating cultural and learning exchange projects between the two countries.

Our Partners and Clients

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As a company of Chinese and UK educational professionals, we are enthusiastic about promoting the globalization of Chinese culture and we are keen to trigger new exchange projects between China and the UK. Our target is to help forge business relationships between people and organisations in the two countries for their mutual benefits and interests. 

CUBEL Company Founder Tong Fu

From the initial enquiry through to follow-ups, our enthusiastic team pay attention to the details at every stage. We believe every little thing makes a big difference, and we aim to offer you the best possible quality of services you can find.

Please do contact us with any enquires you may have, we'd love to hear from you!

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