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We help you go to China or work with Chinese clients.

cubel are a China-UK business and education liaison service provider, specialising in facilitating exchange projects between the two countries.


We endeavour to make the best use of our cultural knowledge and our wide connections with local educational institutions and business communities both in the UK and in China.

We facilitate group visits and overseas training, we coordinate cultural and business projects and we use our ability to speak two languages to make a big a difference to all our customers.

We are also very keen to hear from you – one of our friendly colleagues will be more than pleased to follow up any inquiries you may have to your satisfaction!

Initially founded in 2005 by Chinese professional and academic youth, CUBEL has been committed to providing information and services engaging in education & cultural exchanges between China and the UK. Being based in Cardiff, we also have our Chinese offices in Zhengzhou and Guangzhou working together daily to ensure the most efficient workflow and the best possible quality of services provided.


As a company of Chinese and UK educational professionals, academic youths and scholars based in the UK, we are enthusiastic about promoting the globalization of Chinese culture and we are keen to trigger new exchange projects between China and the UK. Our target is to help forge business relationships between people and organisations in the two countries for their mutual benefits and interests.

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