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Custom Experiences

Our services make it easier for you to plan your trip and get in touch with trustworthy Chinese local businesses and friendly people. We provide a guaranteed satisfactory hospitality itinerary to your Chinese clients, help you learn the special communication skills and understand the critical information that really makes a difference to your work relationships.

Educational Exchange

Working alongside prestigious educational institutions, we can provide opportunities for you to connect and exchange cultural and educational experiences. Our team come from academic backgrounds and have many years of experience in designing and facilitating student groups on exchange programmes, oversears courses, and multicultural projects.

Business Consultation

We provide consulting, translating, interpreting and other liaison services to organisations who would like to spend less time trying to find the right person, at the right time, with the right cultural awareness and tools. Our team include native Chinese and English speakers who are trained in translation services.

Teaching in China

We provide training and full support both on site in China and back in the UK and we’ll help you find sponsors among our Chinese partner schools who will pay for your journey, your living costs and even your training! All we want from you is to teach English to our Children and share what is best in your life with them!

Promoting to China

We’d also be happy to help you with promoting your business to Chinese customers. We use WeChat, Weibo and other social networks as well as traditional mass media.

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