Tailor-Made Small VIP Group Visits

January 27, 2018

Throughout 2017, we have welcomed a number of VIP groups from China to the UK. Most of them were family groups made up of parents, children and their close friends and relatives. Others consists of friends who travel together. Everyone has different expectations and is interested in seeing and doing different things when travelling. Amazingly the trip has made everyone’s learning special and meaningful.

We were pleased to offer bespoke solutions based on consultations with our clients. By combing our expert local knowledge and customers’ needs, we designed itineraries full of characteristics that are tailored specifically to each group taking into consideration their individual wishes. For example, we were able to take one VIP group for a week tour in London where they really wanted to explore the capital city in much greater detail compared to that of a two-day standard tour. Another group was particularly interested in getting to know British schools since the parents were considering sending their child to study here. Therefore, we incorporated a handful of carefully selected school visits after extensive research, and it turned out to be very informative for the parents, adding great value to the tour.

The VIP groups also benefited from time flexibility, i.e. they could decide the pace of travelling, slowing down if more time was needed for any specific site. Altogether, it meant they could make the most of their time whilst travelling at the most comfortable pace and enjoy what they had hoped for.

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