Mind-blowing School Experience for Chinese Kids

November 20, 2017

During the beautiful autumn season, we welcomed a group of students from China for a 10-day study experience in the UK. They were hosted by local UK School and paired up with local students, for 5 days, where they took part fully in the daily curriculum, including attending lessons in English, science, arts, sports and modern languages as well as extra-curricular activities. Each day, students went with their buddies into classes to experience first-hand the characteristics of traditional British education.

 By working closely with our partner school, we offer tailor-made programme to maximize the learning outcome for the students. The caring and dedicated staff team is highly experienced in teaching international students, ensuring they make the most of their time practising and improving English. Students have, in a short period of time, grown drastically in confidence and fostered international friendship with local students.

 Outside of school, students had the joy of visiting numerous attractions such as British Museum, Greenwich Royal Observatory etc, sampling traditional afternoon tea and roast dinner. The study tour has broadened their horizons and introduced many aspects of British culture and education and written a wonderful chapter in their lifelong learning.

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