Middle School Students from Henan on Study Trip to the UK

January 27, 2018

This summer saw two groups of secondary school students from Henan Province of China going on a guided exploration camp to the UK. This trip is designed to teach them about western civilization and British history.

Based on touring the most well-known cultural and historical sites across the British Isles, students learn first-hand from designated tutors with expert knowledge. The theme covers a wide array of domains, from famous people and their achievements, such as Issac Newton and William Shakespeare, to museums and galleries, such as British Museum and Manchester art gallery. From heritage sites to science centres, such as Edinburgh castle and Glasgow science centre. Each day has its own distinct theme to deliver a systematic approach of teaching, allowing discussion and encouraging independent thinking to reinforce the learning outcome. The trip also includes visits to prestigious universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester to inspire students to pursue higher education in these institutions.

Whilst travelling through the country, we have organised activities for students to interact and engage with the local community and get real insight into modern British society. We also hope a series of tasks would help them practise using English and grow their confidence and independence.

We are proud to say this camp has opened their eyes to the world and hopefully fostered some real ambition in those young minds.

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