English Teachers Coming to Edinburgh Fringe with CUBEL

September 30, 2017

In August 2017, CUBEL gladly took a group of university English teachers from Henan for a short professional teacher training during the peak of Fringe Festival at Edinburgh. The well-organised training programme introduced the latest teaching and research advancement in teaching English as a foreign language, showcasing the best practices in preparing and delivering lessons.

 Attendees had the opportunities to meet professionals and experts in this field and discuss what they feel was the most important issue and any challenges they may face in teaching and English education at large. The training which took place in August also coincided with the Edinburgh international art festival, this allowed the teachers to explore the art scene and enhance their ability to communicate in both academic setting and real-life environment.

 During this well-balanced programme, the teachers enjoyed numerous visits to cultural and historical attractions as well as educational institutions, from which they harnessed a broad spectrum of knowledge that would be of great benefit to their personal and professional development.

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